Hot Wheels

There are so many reasons for starting this blog!  Biggest reason? I love writing.  I have tried (unsuccessfully) in the past to journal, ya know, with pen and paper, but that takes up too much of my energy, which is limited.  Like, to the extreme.  Plus, writing with a pen is sloppy, especially for a leftie like me!  So I’m trying a blog.  And yes, I’ve actually tried blogging before….a few times, I think.  The last time I tried to start one, it basically turned into a fan page for my husband (which he loved, by the way!). And for the record, I LOVE love love bragging about my husband!  But I’m pretty sure not everybody wants to hear about him all the time. 🙂  So, in addition to talking about my husband (whose name is Tim), this blog will include something else that is very near and dear to me heart, and that is…*drumroll please*…the children at the daycare!! Which daycare, you ask? Well, the one I work at, of course.  Since I started working there about a year and a half ago, I have been a teacher for the 2’s class and the 4’s/5’s class, and I am now happily situated as a teacher’s aide in a class of 22 children between the ages of 3 and 5.  Everyday, I come home from work with a story or two (or about a dozen!) for Tim about why children are the silliest people in the world! And, having the poor memory that I do, I forget about three-quarters of what the kiddos do to make me laugh, or swell up with pride, or even cry occasionally (happy tears). Hence, the blog.  So there ya go.  My intro. 🙂

Okay, but wait.  I have to leave you with a story!  This is one of the more recent memories that I have from life at the daycare, and includes one of my favorite four year olds (who shall remain nameless, for obvious reasons).

So I was having one of those normal sort of mornings that day.  Didn’t want to get out of bed, but somehow managed to after engulfing a large cup of coffee that Tim made for me (never underestimate a man who knows how to make coffee!).  Well, I made it to work, though I wasn’t too enthused to be there, quite honestly.  Mainly because I’m tired all the time. Anyway, I’ll talk about that later; on with the story.  So I walked into the area that we not so lovingly refer to as the “Big Room” (it is where all the children start out at the beginning of the day, and it is loud. and messy.), and this four year old walked up to me with a HUGE grin on his face.  “Miss Deborah, look what I got!” he exclaimed as he held out a hot wheels car, still in the package. I wasn’t exactly sure how excited I should be for him, so I just said something like, “Hey, that’s really cool looking!” and proceeded to go to the classroom.  He decided to follow me, and as I turned around, he said, “Miss Deborah, I got this for YOU.”  :))) A huge grin crept across my face, and I gave him a big hug and said thank you about a million times, and on the inside I felt that warm fuzzy feeling that I get whenever one of the kiddos does something nice for me.  What a sweet kid.

I later found out from his mom that he had been given a dollar by one of his grandparents and had specifically told her that he wanted to get Miss Deborah a present with it.  And he picked the hot wheels car that he knew I would like because “it’s purple, and it has a wing.”  Seriously, kid, you thrill me to pieces.  Thanks for the car, and the big heart you have for a normal, everyday teacher like me. 🙂


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