Ski Trip of a Lifetime

I will be the first to admit that I am terrified of heights. I mean, terrified!  When my husband and I went on our honeymoon, I decided I would be the loving wife and allow him to take me to one of his favorite destinations of all time-a water park (several, actually).  Bad choice.  I had never gone, and being, as I said, terrified of heights, I personally hated the experience.  It didn’t help that we were at the nation’s largest water park!  Anyway, so I hate heights.

Well, this past weekend, my husband and I decided to go skiing.  

And I was petrified about going!  I mean, the whole point of skiing is to find a steep hill (or mountain, if you prefer) and go down it as fast as possible! Sounds NOT fun for someone like me.  🙂  But, for whatever reason, I’ve always wanted to go skiing, despite my great fear of it all, and so I told Tim he could take me.  Because he loves skiing, and I’m all about facing one’s fears (sometimes).  Let me tell you, friends, I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE!!!!  I don’t know why, but as soon as I got those skis on–which, by the way, took entirely too long–I was so eager to try the highest, biggest hill!  Good thing I have a cautious husband (that’s not what I said when he made me stay on the bunny hill for an hour, btw).  🙂  And, good thing he is a great teacher, because I didn’t even sign up for an instructor!  Tim kept telling me, “Snow plow! Snow plow!” which was frustrating at first, because of course, I wanted to ski the way I saw the pros on the Olympics do it: parallel and fast.  At one point, my husband stopped and said, “Deborah, if you don’t know how to STOP, you will die, or break a leg!”  That did the trick; I was a good listener from then on (for the most part). 🙂  Anyway, so I did the snow plow thing for a while, fell down a few times, got frustrated, persisted through it, and eventually learned how to make turns.  After an hour, we “graduated” to the beginner hill.  Ski lift time!  I was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t scared of the lift!  I didn’t even hold on for most of the time (Tim kept reminding me to do so, naturally. What a good husband!).  And by the end of our first day of skiing, I even got daring and tried one of the intermediate hills. It was a little steeper and longer, and I actually wasn’t a huge fan of that hill (because of the steepness…surprise, surprise), but I’m glad I tried it.  I even attempted it again the next day, and as I was flying down the hill, terrified that someone would get in my way, I decided I would stick with the less steep hills for now.  Because I’m learning to be cautious like my husband. 😉

All that to say, I am so glad I did not let fear stand in the way of accomplishing one of my lifetime goals.  And now I have another fun activity that I can do with my husband (on occasion, anyway…too bad it’s so expensive!), and maybe one day we will even teach our (hypothetical, at this point) children, and they can grow up and be in the Olympics. Or something like that.

So, if you’ve never gone skiing before, I would highly recommend it.  Even if you’re scared of heights. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Ski Trip of a Lifetime

  1. You and TIM ROCK someday soon you will be going to British Columbia and have a helicopter take you up on the Mountain Side high high up and jump out of the copter into virgin snow and ski nearly straight down the mountain for a mile or so back to your challet … eat sleep love repeat

    AWESOME Deborah and Tim nothing like it


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