Recently I’ve been astounded at the ways God loves me.  I mean, truly, it is shocking at HOW MUCH love He conveys to me on a daily basis!!!  What’s particularly astounding to me is that He already sent me His Son (rom.5:8).  He could’ve just done that, and that would’ve been enough to prove that He loves me.  In fact, it IS enough!  But He didn’t stop there.

Probably the most tangible way that He shows me His love is through my husband, Tim.  That man is truly a gift from God!

  • He makes me coffee. Every. Day.  Folks, this is HUGE! He also does the dishes just about every morning, takes out the trash, AND does the kitty litter.  Always.
  • He reads the Bible to me on most mornings and talks with me about different topics as we study the Word together.  This always encourages me to put my time with God first on my list, and helps me to face the day with strength! Did you know that the Bible provides us with strength?  (ps.119:28) Awesome.
  • Throughout the day, he texts me just to say he loves me or let me know he’s thinking about me.  I’m really hoping this continues even when we’ve been married for forever! 🙂
  • He makes sure we have a date night every week, because he knows how important it is to me, and how vital is for the health of our marriage.  I’m so thankful for that!

I could go on and on about the ways that Tim loves me, but as he shows me his love, I feel God’s love as well.  And I’m overwhelmed by it!

Another way that God loves me is through “my” daycare kiddos.  Every morning, when I walk into the “Big Room”, little boys and girls flash me sweet smiles and give me welcoming hugs.  I can feel God’s arms wrap around me, too, reminding me that I am loved.  When our class is lining up to go potty, there are usually about 3 0r 4 children who want to hold my hand.  Another reminder of God’s love!  As I’m leaving work (I go home for the day when the kids go down for their nap), there are several kids who always give me a hug good-bye.  Again, I feel my Creator holding me close and telling me how much He loves me.  All through these little boys and girls!

The most recent reminder of God’s love came this Sunday at church, when a certain adorable boy colored a picture for me.  I didn’t notice him standing beside me because he was so quiet, but my husband grabbed my attention and as I turned, this child handed me his picture.

He didn’t even say anything, but he didn’t need to.  I felt so special!  What’s funny is I really don’t know him all that well.  His mom and I work together (which is awesome, by the way, because she is totally cool!), and I see him occasionally.  I always say hi and ask him how he’s doing, but other than that, we don’t really know each other.  So for him to color a picture just for me (his mom said it was his very own idea!), well, it touched my heart.  And reminded me that I’m loved by a great BIG God with a great BIG heart for sinners like me.  So, thanks, kids (and Peyton!).  You remind me every single day that God loves me, and that is HUGE!

“How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!” 1 John 3:1