Tennis- Boom. Awesome.

I remember being a young kid and, every Saturday, getting dragged by my parents to a nearby tennis court.  Not so I could learn the sport, but just so they could play while we rode on our bikes or shot hoops (or whatever else we could find to do while we waited).   By the way, note to self: GENIUS IDEA.  If/When Tim and I have kids, we will do the same thing.  If I can get the hang of the sport by then, that is!  Since I have grown up watching my parents play, I’ve always been interested in learning how to play.  I just haven’t found anybody to play against! My sister and I tried to play a few times way, way long ago, but neither of us really knew how, soooo…recipe for disaster.  Most of the time was spent chasing the ball to wherever it landed (always WAY out of bounds), and eventually I would start laughing uncontrollably, which did not help me in hitting the ball over the net.  And it also left me with an agitated sister who, after a few tries, gave up on playing tennis with me. Like, ever again.  Enter my husband, Tim, who used to play in high school and was eager to help me learn the sport.  Last summer, I believe, was our first attempt at it, and I must say, I didn’t care much for it.  More because of my inadequacy as a tennis player than anything! I think I would really enjoy it if I could just learn how to RETURN the ball.  So, this summer, we’ve got a goal.  

We have played twice so far, and both times have been a vast improvement from the previous year.  I think the main reason why it’s been so much better is because Tim makes me repeat a few things before we start practicing.

1.  Don’t give up.

2. Don’t quit when you make a mistake.

3. Don’t have a bad attitude when you make a mistake.

Basically, it’s the same rule, just repeated in different ways.  NEVER QUIT.  And don’t have a bad attitude while doing it. Okay, so maybe it’s two rules.  But repeating these things has helped me SO MUCH in learning how to play, and to also have fun while I’m trying, and failing, and learning.

It’s also amazing to me how this doesn’t apply to just tennis, but to life as well.  There are things in life that are hard, and sometimes I will mess up, but that doesn’t mean I should just give up.  And it definitely doesn’t mean that I can have a bad attitude in the midst of the “tough-ness” of life.  Good lesson, though a difficult one to put into practice!

2 Peter 1:3~ “His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.”


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