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This blog has not turned out to be what I originally intended.  When I first started posting, I simply wanted to have a collection of memories from my time at the daycare, with smatterings of posts here and there about our family vacations.  But as it has turned out, I realize that my blog is now more of a compilation of lessons that God is teaching me through the study of His Word and various life circumstances.  I think I like it.  How cool (and perhaps comical?) will it be to read through these posts in the future, and note the ways that the Lord has matured my faith in Him, critiqued my theology as I study the Bible and glean wisdom from others, and most amazingly of all, how He has remained faithful to me despite my doubts, fears, questions, and shortcomings!  I do hope to do a more thorough job of capturing those precious memories of vacations, exciting/challenging times, as well; and I’m excited to see this blog take shape as I continue to write!  I love that you’re with me in this journey, friend and faithful reader, and I thank you for taking part. 🙂