Hello, Fall

I absolutely love my husband, Tim.  I mean, obviously, right?!  That’s why I’m married to the guy.  I could – and do, at times – go on and on about his awesomeness, but right now I’d like to focus on just one aspect of his essential, well, awesomeness (sorry to be redundant, but it’s true.  Tim = awesome).  Well, sometimes Tim likes to be spontaneous, and he had the most brilliant idea this past weekend.  Since the official start of fall was on Sunday, he suggested that we celebrate the start of the season by going to an apple and popcorn festival in Brookston on Saturday!  Now, we are not the garage sale-ing type (because that’s what you do at a country festival, right?!), but we decided it would be fun to go.  Something a little out of the ordinary for us city folk.  🙂

country sky
The weather was absolutely perfect for a festival!

We thoroughly enjoyed the thirty minute drive to Brookston, and once there, enjoyed a little bit of lunch before we traipsed around the town.  Side note: I’ve decided that “traipse” is a very cool word and should be used as often as possible.  We don’t use it enough in our English vocabulary, and by we, I mean me.  

lunch in Brookston

Did I mention that the weather was perfect that day for festival-ing? Because it totally was.  I had so much fun walking the streets with my husband and checking out all of the silly things that were being sold.

apple popcorn festival
found a Christmas gift idea for someone…jk 🙂
apple popcorn festival
Brookston was exploding with people!

And there were some cool things there, too!  Like these decorative gourds that we also thought were aromatic (until we turned around and saw the potpourri that was being sold at another booth). 🙂

apple popcorn festival
I wonder how long it takes to do this??

All in all, it was the perfect way to celebrate the start of fall.  Afterward, once we were back at home, we even tried to buy a fire pit for our backyard.  The one we wanted was not in stock yet, though, so we’ll have to do that another day.  (That will be a post all in itself!  Complete with ideas for building the perfect s’mores…)

So…welcome, autumn.  Fill my backyard with your pretty, colorful leaves.  Make me start wearing layers of clothes, and scarves, and boots, with your chillingly cool weather.  The Kurtzes are ready for you this year!

fall | autumn
fall caramels
one of my favorite things about fall – CARAMELS!


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