Adoption: Organizing All Those Documents

A dear friend of mine whose two oldest children are from Ethiopia gave me some fantastic advice regarding the adoption process, and how to organize all those documents one needs for adopting a child(ren).  She recommended that I get two copies of all documents, whenever possible!  (Notarize both, just in case.)  While we haven’t yet been officially accepted into the India program through America World (hopefully very soon, and then I’m gonna write a BIG long post about it!), I have prepared for this step by purchasing a handy 3-ring binder and sheet protectors.  This expectant momma is ready to be organized, for once in my life!

Although I’m supposed to be writing a post about my Bible reading plan right now, I have chosen instead to make a cover for my nifty binder .  It has me all excited, so naturally I want to share the finished result with you!

Kurtz adoption

It’s not amazing (I think that’s obvious), by any means, but you know what? I LOVE IT.  I just really love it.  It reminds me of my future children, and that the process of bringing them home is not always dreadful (the waiting, hurrying to acquire needed documents, more waiting, etc.)  So, are you growing your family by way of adoption?  You should keep a binder to store extra copies of all of the necessary documents, but first make a sweet cover for it.  🙂

In other news related to our adoption, we are hoping to hear within the next week or so if we’ve been accepted into the India program with America World Adoption Agency.  Then the fun REALLY begins!


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