Foodie Friday: Thai Crunch Chicken Salad

As a result of watching several food documentaries recently – Food Matters, Forks Over Knives, and Food Inc. to be precise – I’ve been trying desperately to add more fresh produce into our diet.  I’m thankful for my husband, who has been so supportive of this new venture!  He even cuts up the vegetables at dinnertime for me. 🙂
Anyway, so I’ve been looking for recipes on Pinterest that are not only cost-effective, but ones that include vegetables.  I found this Thai Crunch Chicken Salad recipe a few weeks ago, made by Nina over at food. and was excited to try it!  Lots of fresh ingredients that both Tim and I love, like napa and red cabbage, carrots and green onions.  Plus, the recipe includes shredded chicken (I used this crockpot recipe).  Protein is a must-have for any dish that my husband eats!

Now, the only downside to eating lots of fresh veggies: you have to cut them up.  And because this recipe includes so many of them, there was lots of cutting!


green onions

Shredded Carrots

Thankfully, my husband helped me with this task, though, and it made for good pictures.  Bonus.

When we sat down to eat, the final product was  a brightly colored array of fresh ingredients.

Thai Crunch Chicken Salad

Personally, there is a different peanut dressing I use that I prefer over this one, but all in all, we loved this dish.  I will definitely be making this one again in the near future!

Do you have a favorite salad recipe that works well as a main dish?  I’d love to hear from you!




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