Foodie Friday!

Foodie Friday

When Tim and I first started the adoption process, we began thinking of creative ways to save a little extra money.  For someone who is as frugal as my husband, this has not been the easiest task for us. 😉  However, one area that I know we can do better at is in the arena of food.  Groceries just seem more expensive these days! (Ugh, inflation.)  On a mission, I – of course – went straight to Pinterest to look for yummy, healthy, and cheap recipes.  And then I had a brilliant idea.  As a self-proclaimed “foodie” (I come from a long line of foodies!), and as someone who likes to take pictures of what I cook, and as that same someone who thoroughly enjoys my blogging (and pinterest-ing) hobby, I thought, “Why not start a new section on my blog devoted to informing people of these recipes I find?!?”  Now, before I go any further, let me be clear: I have no intention of stealing anyone’s recipes and claiming them as my own.  I will always link back to the original recipe source whenever I can.  I simply want to have some fun finding budget-friendly recipes that are also healthy {ish} and delicious.  Side note: I will also include desserts and baked goods, as baking is my specialty, as well as Indian cuisine and gluten-free recipes.  So, without further ado, I introduce you to “Foodie Friday”!  Welcome.