Home Study, Paperwork, and His Grace

Well, we survived the first home study meeting!! And, of course, I don’t know what I was so worried about.  We met our home study co-ordinator, who is awesome and Italian-American and very amiable, and I’m not even a little bit nervous about the home safety check she’ll do when she returns for her second visit (there are a total of THREE meetings, craziness!).  We had good conversation as we discussed our background stories, motivations for growing our family by way of adoption, among other things.  Overall, a VERY GOOD first home study appointment.

Kurtz Family Adoption
Waiting to meet our home study co-ordinator! A bundle of NERVES

I gotta tell ya, though, I’m feeling very overwhelmed again, and very uncomfortable.  I’ve noticed, in fact, that this stage of life in which we find ourselves has been marked by an extreme amount of discomfort, and we’re not big fans of that.  We are being stretched in numerous ways, and we’re exhausted.  All of the adoption paperwork to fill out, the appointments to make, the seemingly unending amount of homework Tim has to do for seminary, all on top of regular life responsibilites – all of this stuff to do hasn’t been a whole lotta fun, especially when we are operating on insufficient amounts of sleep and maxed-out schedules.  But it has driven us to our knees.

The discomfort has been a blessing in disguise.

Yes, because we are more aware than ever of just how much we need Him.  We need Him when we are well-rested, and we need Him when we are wiped out, and we need Him ALWAYS.  In the “paper-chase” stage, in the waiting and fundraising stage, in the parenting stage, in the vocational ministry stage – we need Him.

So, while we are expectantly awaiting the times of refreshment and rest, we are also rejoicing that He is right here with us in this uncomfortable stage.  Because as He is with us, He is also graciously enabling us to get things done (little by little), and strengthening us for what lies ahead.  Thank You, gracious Father.

Will you join us in prayer that He will continue to guide our steps, protect our children, and provide for our family’s needs?  And pray also that we will finish all this paperwork so we can move on to the next (and more exciting/terrifying) steps!!!

1 Peter 5:7 – “casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.”



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