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My mom: reflections on Mother's Day

Besides my husband, I cannot think of a single person who has been a better reflection of Christ to me than my mother.  Throughout the years and in all of the ups and downs that we have experienced as a family and as individuals, Mom has been faithful to proclaim through her words and her life one, great message; namely, that Jesus Christ is the Treasure of her soul.

As a little girl, I watched her every morning as she studied the Word.  I heard her songs of praise to the King ring through the house and make their way into my heart.  I was there when she prayed with us morning, noon and night.  And I witnessed her live out her faith in Christ with joy.  My mother did not read her Bible because she had to; no, she read because she longed to know the Author more intimately.  She read out of a grateful, awe-filled heart that had been captured by Christ.  And she did not sing praises to Him begrudgingly.  My mother recognized who Christ is and what He had accomplished for her, and this led to her worship of Him.   Neither did she pray out of obligation, but out of necessity.  Mom always saw her great need for her Savior, and this drove her to the throne room of grace.

In witnessing first-hand the joy-producing effects and transformative power of God’s grace in my mother’s life, I was drawn to know Jesus Christ at a very young age.  God used my mother’s testimony (i.e. her faith-filled life) to open my eyes to see my sinfulness before the Holy Creator and King, to understand my need for redemption, and to trust in Christ’s provision for me on the cross.  Ever since, He has remained faithful to mature me more and more into the likeness of Christ, and I see the same fruit that I so greatly admired (and still do) in my mother being produced in my own life.  This is her legacy to me that I earnestly pray my children will someday see when they watch my life; namely, the legacy of a faith that is rooted and established in Jesus Christ, the Treasure of my soul.

So Mama, thank you.  Thank you for your example, your sacrificial love, and your bold faith in the Ransomer of souls.  You are my hero that has pointed me to THE Hero!

My mom: reflections on Mother's Day

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. – 3 John 1:4



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