Father’s Day

Father's Day

These are the two men in my life.  My husband and my daddy.  They are the two men who have most influenced and shaped the person I am today, and I am so grateful for the ways they have shown their love for me.

First, my dad.  I’ve always seen myself as his little girl, and am proud of the fact that I was his first daughter (like I had any say in that matter!).  He called me his little rosebud orange peel baby (long story), and in fact, had meaningful nicknames for all four of his children.  This is just one of the ways that I understood his great love for me (so nicknames have their place, after all!).

I remember frequently greeting him at the door upon his arrival home from work, excited and giddy for Daddy to be home with us.  He would play ridiculously fun and silly games with me and my sister (have you not heard of the Money Penny Game?), and so in this way also, I understood his love for us, his children.   As an adult, I remember these games with even more fondness, as I now understand how exhausted my dad must have been after a long day’s work.  And yet he played – he engaged with us.  I am so grateful (so.grateful).

As a masterful storyteller, my dad would retell – at great length and to much detail, mind you – stories from the realms of Hobbiton and other imaginary and magical places as we took evening strolls through our little neighborhood.  I didn’t appreciate those stories then the way that I do now, and sometimes I wish I could return to those dream-filled nights of wonder, when my daddy walked me by the hand and opened my imagination up to mystical lands!  I owe much of my creativity and imagination (very.active.imagination) to him, to those nights.  And as I reflect upon those times, I know that yet another way that he showed his love for me was through his sharing of those stories, and by spending time with his little girl.

I could continue on and on in describing the ways in which my dad has loved me through the years.  He proved to be my biggest (and loudest) fan at sporting events, he made me feel treasured when he took me out on special father-daughter dates, he protected me from harm at a time in my life when I was quite rebellious, and he showed me grace at every point in my life when I have needed it.  And through seeing my dad’s love for me, I have come to understand to a greater depth the love of Christ for me.  Though my dad is imperfect (as we all are) in the ways in which he has displayed his love and care for me, he has pointed me to the Father who is perfect, who displayed the greatest love of all for His children by sending Jesus Christ as the propitiation for our sins.  So, thank you, Dad.  Thank you for your love, and for pointing me to Christ.  I will always be your little girl.

Father's Day
photos: courtesy of Marvelous Things Photography

This Father’s Day also marks a special time in my husband’s life.  It is the first year for him as an expectant father, and as I celebrate my dad today, I also celebrate my husband for the role that he has already embraced wholeheartedly.  While not with his children yet, he is loving them well even now.  Through his constant prayers for them, the long hours that he is working to financially provide for them, and by learning all that he can about adoptive parenting, he is reminding me of the love he has for our children.  I honor you today, husband, and thank you for these ways – and others – in which you love your family well.  You’re gonna be one rockin’ Dad to our precious little ones.

Father's Day