Adoption Update: Home Study Progress

What follows is a brief diary of the week leading up to our BIG home study meeting, in which we had individual interviews, a joint interview, and a home safety walk-through with our social worker.

Tuesday, June 17

Received a text message from hubby, saying that our homestudy co-ordinator, Barb, called to set up our 2nd home study meeting, and would I please call her to set up that appointment?  One of the best texts ever that sent me soaring through the rest of the workday (i.e. I was excited).  I called her right away and left a message.

Wednesday, June 18

Talked with Barb on the phone and set up our BIG meeting with her for the following Monday, June 23rd.  I was elated!  Sent hubby a text message, and then received his reply that his boss had told him he would need to drive all next week, and so he probably wouldn’t be able to get off work early on Monday.  A wave of panic rushed over me, quickly followed by anger rooted in fear.  That night, my husband and I talked, and I shared my concerns.  “We won’t get all of our paperwork done in time if we can’t have our 2nd home study meeting next Monday.”  “This is only the 2nd appointment, and we still need to set up another meeting time to get through this home study.  We need our home study report before we can apply to grants, before we can send in our dossier…” A string of worries.  Hubby led us in prayer that night-  “God, we need You.”  “We trust You.  You are sovereign, and are working all things for our good.”  “You know what You’re doing – we trust You.” “Increase our faith.  Remove our doubt, our fears.”  I went to bed anxious, praying for His peace. {And thankful for my husband, my leader who points me to Christ daily.}

Thursday, June 19

Began the day overcome with worry.  “God, I need You. Help me, I need You” was the prayer of my heart all morning as I struggled to focus on my work for the day…  Received a text message from hubby that read: “Good news….:)”  His boss is able to let him off work early on Monday!!!  Relief flooded my heart, and when we prayed together that night, we praised God for His provision.  He is gracious.

Sunday, June 22

The day before our big meeting with Barb.  We spent the majority of the day cleaning our house from top to bottom, despite encouragement from friends who’ve been down this road before that having a spotless house isn’t a huge issue.  I am nervous, and am struggling with fears: “What if we’re not good enough for adoption?  We’re certainly not perfect, but – oh, my – we have such love for our kiddos and a great desire to work out what is best for them, even now.  Will we be good enough?”  I run to my gracious Father: “God, I need You.  I thank you that in Christ, I am found worthy.  His righteousness, I wear.  Forever and ever. ”  “God, I thank You that You are with me, and are equipping me to be a godly mother to my children.” “God, I need You.  I need You now as I wrestle with fear and doubt, I need you tomorrow as I meet with Barb, and I need you always.”

Monday, June 23

Butterflies filled my stomach as I worked through the morning.  Left work shortly before noon to prepare for our 1 o’clock appointment.  Nervous.  Timothy and I prayed before our meeting, and agreed that I should do the individual interview first to get it out of the way!

Adoption Update: Kurtz Family Adoption
before our meeting. nervous!

My meeting with Barb went smashingly. 🙂  It was so incredibly good, in fact, to talk about my life, my story.  God gave me peace as I shared the ups and downs of my childhood, as well as past mistakes that I feared would deem me as “unsuitable” to be a mom.  Fears were relieved, and in its place is a great amount of excitement as we await the next – and final – home study meeting in two weeks!  {Tim’s interview went well, also, and it segued into a smooth and painlesss joint interview before the home safety check (which also went well!).}

Adoption Update: Kurtz Family adoption
after our meeting. feeling relieved!

While we are both relieved to have the largest portion of the home study complete, this brings with it a dose of reality as we finalize a few documents and wrap up this portion of the adoption process.  Our lives are changing, and before we know it, we will have children.  This is at once thrilling and terrifying!  Will you keep us, and especially our children,  in your prayers?  Pray for His peace as we make our way to the very long waiting stage of this process.  Pray for wisdom as we continue to learn about adoptive parenting and many of the issues that our children might face once they are home with us.  Pray for His protection and care over them, and that He will bring us together in His timing.

Thank you for partnering with us in this journey, friends.  We look forward to sharing more updates with you as we continue to progress through the adoption to bring home our babes!