Saturday Morning Date: Brunch & Shopping

{Ohhh, what to do on a rainy Saturday?}

Saturday Morning Date: brunch and shopping

The picture doesn’t look like it, but it was definitely raining yesterday!  We were not about to let the storm clouds dampen our fun or our Saturday morning dates, however; so we mixed things up a little by partaking in some indoor activities.

Since it has become a rare occasion that I make Saturday breakfast for us anymore, I decided to kickstart our indoor adventures with a healthy, easy-to-fix breakfast.  Note to self: do this more often!  It was so nice to just sit and talk with my husband over our morning meal, sharing with one another what is on our hearts and what God is teaching us.  I would love to have more times like this.

Saturday morning date: brunch and shopping

Oddly enough, despite the rainy weather, this was probably one of our most enjoyable outings yet!  Proof that it’s really not so much about what you’re doing, but who you’re doing it with, that really counts.  We headed over to the mall after breakfast, and scoured store after store for some new work clothes for me.

{Kohl’s is our favorite. “60% off “sales racks, here we come!}

Saturday morning date: brunch and shopping

And yesterday, I was {yet again} reminded: I am married to a very wonderful man of God.  Really, truly.  And I am so undeserving of him.  Really, truly.   No, he is not perfect.  Yes, we have our disagreements, and our own sin struggles.   But I see him growing in his faith in Christ.  I see him maturing as the spiritual leader and head of our home.  I see him learning what it means to lay down his life for his family, and doing it NOT begrudgingly, but with joy!  Case in point: he walked out of all of those stores yesterday with clothes for his wife, and none for himself.  Not only that, but he also knew that it would mean a lot to me if he was involved in the process of choosing which clothing items to purchase, and so he spent all of his time looking for clothes for me.  He was engaged the entire time, for my sake.

And then he walked out of the mall with a big grin on his face, and I was humbled.  I was humbled that my husband was excited because of what I was able to find at a few stores (good deals!).  I was humbled, knowing that I might not have been so excited if the tables had been turned and he had been the one buying clothes.  I was humbled that in this simple activity, God was reminding me of His grace.

Grace that chose *this man* to be my husband and an ever-present reminder to me of my Savior.

Grace that not only sealed my full pardon in Christ and brought me to repentance and faith in Him, but the same grace that continues to mature both my husband and me in our faith.

Yes, I am married to a man of God, and I am quite undeserving and grateful!

{Ohh, the lessons you can learn at the mall on a rainy Saturday.}