Adoption Update: SO CLOSE

Hello, and my apologies for the extended absence from the blogosphere!  Life has been crazy busy at our household, and I’m hoping that one of these days I’ll be able to write a wrap-up post about all of the great people and places we’ve visited this summer.  For now, however, I wanted to share with you the latest news on our adoption adventure.

Well, we finally made it through the home study process!! Whoop whoop.  Our final meeting took place mid-July, and then our schedules were suddenly filled to overflowing with lots of fun (and some not-so-fun) things to do and work on.  Currently, we are awaiting the write-up of our home study report, at which point we will put in our USCIS application (for immigration).  From what we’re told, it could take a little while to process this application, so we would appreciate your prayers in this matter.  After we receive our approved application, we will take all of the documents that we have been collecting/notarizing and have them apostilled.  From there, we’ll send our nicely gathered and stamped collection of papers to our agency and wait to be matched with our babes!  So that’s where we’re at right now in the process.

Adoption Update: so close
our last home study meeting @ Panera in South Bend

A few weeks ago, we received a notification from our dossier coordinator that she has moved to the Haiti Program at AWAA, so we would have a different coordinator to finish out the dossier building stage with us.  I gotta say, it made me a little nervous to have this sudden change, and we’re so close to the end of this part of the adoption, that I sort of wished we didn’t have to deal with another new person.  Turns out, God really does work out all things for our good!  We had a phone meeting with our new dossier coordinator several nights ago and were greatly encouraged by our discussion!!!  She has been working in the India Program for eighteen years (EIGHTEEN!!), so not only does she know all of the intricacies of how Indian adoptions work, but she has a lot of connections to people and orphanages in the country.  She answered all of our questions, and we were relieved to find that we really do have most of the documents we need for the dossier.  I was a little nervous that we didn’t have all that we needed at this point, but we do!!  Thank You, God.  We also asked if she has been seeing any sibling sets, particularly girls, and she said yes!!!! This thrilled us to pieces. TO PIECES.  From what our coordinator (Lisa) said, it sounds like there are a lot of sibling sets (and girls!), but they have not been placed on “the list”; which means we are unable to pursue them as of right now.  So this is another prayer request!  Would you please pray that God, in His timing, would allow us to bring home the children he has for us?  Would you pray that these precious children would be placed on the list so the families longing for their kiddos would be matched with them?  My heart is so full right now, but also burdened for the fatherless in India; and especially for our children!

One final encouragement from our recent phone meeting with Lisa was the unexpected news that as soon as we file our USCIS application (which we will do as soon as our home study report is finalized), we will be placed on the waiting list!  Do you know what this means, my friends???  It means that at any time thereafter we could be matched with our children!!!! You have no idea how much joy this news brought to us. (NO.IDEA.)  We were beginning to think that paperwork is all that would come out of this adoption journey, so to know that we are SO CLOSE to being on that waiting list to be matched….it gave us a surge of energy to wrap up this phase of our journey.  We long for our kids.  We talk about them when we walk, when we go about our day, when we visit awesome places and see cool things…We want to share our lives with our children, and we are eager to be a family of four!  Thank you for your continued support and prayers!