Adoption Update: Pressing On.

Last Friday, I was more than pleasantly surprised to find an email in my inbox that said our home study report has been approved by our agency!!  And yesterday, our home study coordinator texted me to notify us that the actual report is in the mail, which will allow us to add it to our overall packet of paperwork (our dossier).  We will now move on to the next step of filling out the I-800a application with USCIS (U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services) before we apostille the dossier.  Before sending said dossier to our agency.

Yes, we’re still here, in this phase.  This phase of gathering documents.  Can I be honest with you and admit that these past few months have been a struggle for me?  All the paperwork, the requests we’ve had to make of others in regards to retrieving that paperwork, the educational videos we’ve watched and books we’ve read about potential struggles adoptive children and parents face that have left us fearful about the future, the efforts to support one another as I work full-time and Tim continues his seminary studies….all these things, these good things, have been extremely difficult as we try to balance it all and press on.  We’re tired.  At different points, we’ve been scared.  We have no idea who our children are, what they look like, what struggles and possible health difficulties they have, what life circumstances they’ve encountered in their young lives, how old they are, IF we’ll even be matched with one or two children, though we’re praying and preparing for two…there are just so many unkowns in this journey, especially right now.

kiddosBut He knows.  The infinite, all-knowing God of the universe, our God, He knows every little thing about the precious little ones that will one day be our family.  He has counted every hair of their sweet heads (Matt. 10:30), crafted every fiber of their being (Ps. 139), and is in sovereign control of every aspect of their lives (Prov. 19:21).  And He is the One leading us, guiding even the timetable of this adoption in His perfect way.  So at just the right time, we will be united with our children.  In constantly reminding myself of these two marvelous truths: that my God is totally in control and my ever present Help (Ps. 46:1); and that by His grace, we will have our children at the right time – when I focus more on these things, the fear dissipates, my engine is re-charged, and I’m anxious to press on.

Will you join us in prayer?  For our children, that God will guard them and watch over them?  For us, that He will strengthen and equip us to get through this final phase of the dossier building stage?  For financial provision to bring home and care for our children?  I am so thankful for the family and friends who have gathered around us to support and cheer us on as we walk through this blessed and challenging adoption journey.  Thank you.

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{I cannot WAIT to meet our children!}