Love and Surprises and Reminders, oh my!

It’s amazing how the seemingly smallest things can express a great amount of love to someone.  Take this picture, for example.

Love and Surprises and reminders, oh my

To you, this is probably just an image of a silly cartoon movie – that isn’t very good, mind you, especially when compared to the likes of A Charlie Brown Christmasbut to me?  To me, this silly little cartoon is an expression of love.  Yup, you guessed it, from my one and only.  Tim had apparently been paying attention to me one night recently when I mentioned that I wished we had It’s A Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown so that we could snuggle on the couch and watch it together on Halloween (yes, I watch my movies in season.  Except for Christmas movies, then I watch them whenever I want!)  I wasn’t aware, but he was listening, because the very next day, I visited him on my lunch break and he surprised me with it!! (He’s also learning me well – I LOVE surprises!)  Oh, I loved it.  LOVED. IT.  With one small gift, my husband expressed a very important thing to me: I matter to him.  In a week filled with learning new Greek vocabulary, listening to Philosophy lectures, and writing seminary papers, my husband has been paying attention to me and surprising me with love.

This latest surprise has reminded me of this past Sunday morning, when we drove a new friend to and from church. Conversation was filled with introductory topics: where are you from and when did you two meet and how long have you been married?  “4 years that have just flown by!” was the answer from both of us, and on the conversation rolled.  And as I climbed into the car on the way home, our new friend spoke softly from the back seat, “I know why it does not seem like 4 years.  It is because he still opens the door for you.  After 4 years, he still opens the door for you.  Wow.”  Yes, my husband still opens every door for me.  After 4 years, he still does this, and somewhere along the way, I have forgotten.

Love and Surprises and reminders, oh my
{photo courtesy of Marvelous Things Photography}

I have forgotten that it is not normal anymore for a man to treat his lady with such genteel politeness.

I have forgotten that on the other side of every door is the man that took me as his bride and whispers “I love you and I’m watching out for you” as he ushers me inside.  Every. Time.

How did I forget that this is not normal?

How did I forget that this is an expression of love from my husband to me?

The lesson sinks in deeper as I reflect on my Savior.  22 years have flown by since He made me His own, and somewhere along the way, I have forgotten.

I have forgotten that each morning when I speak with God, I am able to do so only because of Christ – because He took the nails and bore the wrath of the Father for me.

How do I so easily forget what it cost my Savior so that I can boldly approach the throne of God in all His glorious grace?

I have failed to remember that each time I crack open the pages of my Bible, I am communing with the God of the universe – with the Living Word, the Bread of Life!

How do I so easily forget that it is only by His Spirit that I have been given the ability to spend time with my Savior every day, to feast upon His Word and know what is True?

My, how thankful I am for small, everyday surprises and doors-held-open that communicate my husband’s love and care to me.  May I not forget.  And my, how eternally and infinitely grateful I am for such reminders that point me to Christ’s costly love for me, love that is written on ever page of Scripture and whispered through every prayer.  May I never forget.

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! – 1 John 3:1