Grace Alone.

Hey, you.

I was recently asked to write out a short testimony of my life, and I was wondering if I could share it with you?  I haven’t layed out all the details of my life here, and if we were meeting together over coffee, I might share more with you.  But this is my story in a nutshell, and it is a testimony of what God, by His grace, has done for me.  I wanted to share it with you, because maybe you have run out hope. Maybe you are tired of trying to measure up but always finding that you fall short.  Whatever your situation, I want to tell you about a gracious, saving God and what He has done for me.  In doing so, I pray that He gives you comfort and hope through Jesus Christ.

So this is my story:

Grace AloneI learned of the Good News about Jesus Christ during Sunday school as a young girl, and saw the impact of such News each day as I witnessed the joy and testimony of God’s grace in my mother‘s life.  At the age of four and a half, I wanted what she had.  Peace.  Abundant, overflowing joy.  A relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  Although I did not know much beyond the fact that I was a sinner separated from God, and that Christ came to die and save me from my sins to make me right with God, I believe that God saved me at that time.  He placed His Spirit within me, and ever since, the desire to know Him deeply and please Him in every way has grown and matured in me.

After Christ took up residence in my heart by way of His Spirt, that’s when the battle began.  The battle between my old flesh and my new self as a child of God in Christ.  Throughout middle school, I had an increasing desire to fit in with my peers, to be seen by those around me as smart and beautiful and talented.  Every day was a battle between this desire for the approval from man versus resting in the approval I had before God through Jesus Christ.  In high school, this battle intensified as I struggled with mono-nucleosis and an ongoing fatigue that left me really struggling to just stay awake in class, let alone learn much of anything.  I was unable to cling to my intelligence as an idol, because I could hardly focus enough to feel like I learned anything that would make me smart enough.  Through this constant struggle with my tiredness, sports were also not something I could cling to, as I barely had enough energy to last through basketball practices and games, let alone grow in any measure of talent I had in this area.  I did not have any talent, in fact, to lean on as my security or for a sense of worth.  It was also during these years that I was a little chubbier and had really bad acne.  Beauty, then, was certainly not something I could cling to, and neither were boys, because boys in high school generally only want to hang around the pretty girls.  This left me one thing – Jesus.  During the struggle of these years, I learned that there is one “thing” alone that I can cling to that will bring me what I need and want most of all, and that is Jesus Christ.  Not only did He save me and bring me into a relationship with God, but He alone is the One who gives me security and sense of worth.  Because I have His approval, and His is the only One that matters.  He is also the only One in whom is found unlimited stores of peace, joy, and all the fruit of the Spirit.  I was so hungry for His Spirit to fill me, and I was hungry for God’s Word.  I {loved} learning more about my marvelous Savior during these formative years of growing up.  So while high school was a massive struggle for me in many ways, it is also the time in my life when God clearly showed me how precious He is and how much I need Him.

During college, however, I finally started receiving attention from boys; and because one of my greatest desires in my life has always been to be married, I chased after several wrong relationships.


God’s grace is greater and wider and deeper than all my sin, and through each relationship, He brought me back to Himself.  Each Grace Alonetime I fell, He brought me to my knees in repentance and to see that Christ is my Treasure worth forsaking all others for.  The fact that God has now brought a wonderful, godly man into my life who is beyond my wildest dreams and imagination is evidence of God’s lavish grace toward me, one who is so undeserving.  How much greater is this gift of salvation in Christ to me; one who, again, is undeserving of such a rescue and of such unlimited grace.  Yes, God’s grace is greater than my sin and infinite in measure!

Every day, the battle wages on between my flesh and who I am in Christ.  Every day, His grace continues to teach me how to say “NO” to clinging to anything besides my magnificent Savior, and how to rest in His approval and righteousness.  And as time marches on, my prayer is that the people around me will see more and more of Christ and less and less of me, until the day that I see Him face-to-face and rest with Him in paradise forever!  Come, Lord Jesus!

What is your story; do you know how it will end?

*A note to mothers: Your role as Mom matters.  What you teach your children and how you live your life are of eternal significance.  I am a lover of Christ today because of what God showed me as I watched my mom live out her faith and as I lived under her instruction, so DO NOT THINK FOR ONE SECOND that mommyhood is not significant, that what you do does not matter.  You, dear mother, matter A WHOLE LOT.  Little eyes are watching you, and young souls will FOREVER be impacted by you.  YOUR. ROLE. MATTERS.