Adoption Update: Changed Forever

Adoption Update: Changed Forever | Kurtz Family Adoption

I snapped a photo of my man proudly wearing this shirt today (THANK YOU to the sweet friends who gave this to him, by the way!!).  As he pranced around the house (seriously) with it on, he looked down at the shirt and then at me and said, “Ya know, it’s kinda crazy.  We’re just this average couple from a little Midwestern town, and Lord-willing we’re gonna go to this place and bring home a piece of India.  And India is going to change us forever.”

It’s so true, and we’re deeply humbled by what God is doing in our lives – in the middle of this little Midwestern community -to transform not only our children’s lives, but maybe even more so, to change ours.  To maybe even transform a piece of our little town here in the Midwest about what “family” means and what it looks like.  To bring in elements of another culture and celebrate our children’s birthplace as we teach them about our birthplace and celebrate the fact that God has given great diversity to people all over the world.  We are humbled and thankful today as we think about how India has already begun to transform us.

Case in point: my husband proudly wears a shirt today displaying another country’s name.  Over the past year, we’ve been introduced to a new cuisine that we happen to love, and I’ve begun to incorporate some popular Indian spices into my spice cabinet (still too scared to try my hand at Indian cooking, save the well-known dish Chicken Tikka Misala).  We’ve “just so happened” to become friends with several college students from India (we don’t believe in chance.  This is the work of God!), and they have taught us some differences between northern and southern parts of this country we have grown to love.  We’ve watched several films simply for the fact that they have Indian actors in them (have you seen The Hundred Foot Journey yet?), and upon hearing those beautiful Indian accents, we talk giddily about the day when those same accents will be heard throughout the corridors of our home.  BY OUR CHILDREN.  Yes, India has already changed us, and we anticipate with great joy how God will continue to shape us through our interaction with this country.

Would you please keep our family in your prayers?  We have received our approval letter regarding the I-800a immigration application, and were informed this week that we’ll need two original dossiers, one for each child.  This was news to us, and while we did our best to get two original copies for everything, we forgot to ask for two copies on several documents, so we’ll be scurrying to gather those papers this week.  We continue to be overwhelmed by our inability through all of this, but rejoice as we confidently approach our Father’s throne room of grace.  He is doing a great work in our lives, and when we have our children, they will be living reminders to us of God’s providential grace.  Thank you for joining us in this journey, and for your continued prayers.  We are grateful for your friendship and support!