Adoption Update: Next Steps After Referral

Hi, All!

Well, we are just tickled to pieces by your support and encouraging words in light of our recent referral matching us with our daughter.  Both Tim and I are eagerly anticipating the court date hearing in India when we will legally be declared her parents.  This sure is a journey of faith!!  We are trusting in our faithful God to bring us to that day, and then to give us His grace to be the parents our little girl needs.

Adoption Update: Next Steps | Journey of Faith

I figured I would try to answer some common questions that were fresh on {our} minds when we were matched with “Baby K”, so I’ve written those out in a Q & A format below.  Feel free to post comments with any additional questions, and be prepared for vague answers to certain inquiries.  Thanks for your understanding in this matter, and for your curiosity about our sweet family!

Q: What’s next, now that you have a referral?

A: PAPERWORK!  It seriously never ends.  We are filling out referral documents for “Baby K”, and we’re waiting to receive apostilled (notary-authenticated) documents so we can send our dossier to our agency.

Once we send in the referral papers and our dossier, we will wait to receive an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the authorities in India.  At that point, we’ll be able to send a photo book to “Baby K”!  That’s the milestone I’m looking forward to right now. 🙂

Q: How long before you can travel to India?

A: Our family coordinator has told us that the typical wait time is roughly a year after time of referral before a family will go to India to bring home their son/daughter.  Since our referral happened a lot faster than what is “normal”, and because we know that God can do anything, we’re praying that our travel date will be sooner rather than later.

Q: How much more money do you need to pay for the adoption of your daughter?

A: I’m so glad you asked!!! 😉  We have a big chunk of fees coming up quickly (about 10K!) that we will be able to pay, due to saving and the generosity of several people.  We are thankful for God’s provision!  With that being said, we do still need $20,000 or so to pay additional program and travel costs.  Below is our best estimate of the breakdown of the remaining expenses:

  • 3rd installment of AWAA program fee: $2400-$2800
  • 2nd installment of International program fee: $5000
  • Airfare to and from India (2 adults): $3000-$4000 (we will have very little time from when we receive the OK to travel to purchasing our tickets, so it’ll be a last-minute reservation.  Always more expensive, and depending on time of year, we could pay even more!)
  • “Baby K”‘s airfare: $600-$900
  • Visa (2 adults): $152
  • Visa/Embassy Fee: $325
  • In-Country Travel (including traveling from “Baby K”‘s orphanage to our court hearing in Delhi, hotel stay, and some meals): $4000-$5000
  • International Specialist Consultation: $300
  • Post Adoption Administration Fee: $1000
  • Post Adoption Visits and Travel Fees: $800-$1800
  • In-State Adoption Processing Fees: $500-$1200

These expenses do not include doctor’s appointments once home, any therapy or tutoring that our daughter may need, as well as the cost needed to prepare for her arrival home (i.e. bedroom furniture, clothing, etc.)  Adoption is expensive, but we are trusting God – the King who owns all – to provide for our family.

Q: How can I make my donation?

A: Well, THANK YOU for considering financially supporting us in bringing “Baby K” home!  If you would like to make a donation, you can do so via Paypal (link on right-hand side of this page); or you can send us a check in the mail.  Contact me at for more information.

Q: When will you do that t-shirt fundraiser you kept talking about doing last year?

A: I know, right?!  I feel so bad because I’d asked a friend to make a design early last year, she did, and it’s still sitting in queue just waiting to be used.  But thankfully, we didn’t do it last year, as we need to update the design anyway!  While I have decided to NOT promise anything, since our timeline has always changed with this fundraiser, we are hoping to get it underway shortly after ALL paperwork has been sent to India.  We are waiting to receive apostilled documents and referral documents, and are expecting to have these things out of the way within the next month or two.  So…stay tuned for updates on fundraising!  I will let the whole world know as soon as we’re ready. (Thanks for your patience!!)

Q: How can I pray for you and “Baby K” during this time?

A: Again, thank you for asking! 😉  Our first concern is, naturally, for our daughter.  Please pray for these specific ways in which God will work to protect her and bring her home to us:

  1. Pray for her care, that her physical and emotional needs will be met as best as possible by her caretaker(s), and that God will keep her from harm and potential health issues.
  2. Pray that even now, God will prepare her heart and mind for being our daughter.  Pray for His grace and comfort to cover her in abundance, that she might have as smooth of a transition as possible to our family.  Pray also that He will bond her heart to ours.  This, we know God can do, as we are aware of the attachment He’s produced in us already toward our girl!  Praise Him!
  3. Pray that nothing will stand in the way to bring our daughter home to us!  God will do it, and we pray that He is willing.

For us, you can pray that:

  1. God will give us the strength to carry out each step of this continuing process.  We struggle majorly with paperwork, so that is the biggest obstacle for us right now!  Pray for His grace to complete it, and to allow the shipment of each piece of paper to make its way to each appropriate destination and not get lost!
  2. We will not set up certain expectations regarding our daughter’s personality or how she will potentially act toward and around us.  Pray that He will guard our hearts from this, to accept our daughter exactly the way she is, and to be the parents she needs who’ll help walk her through the grief and loss she has dealt with in her short life.
  3. We will survive all the traveling to and from India!  Seriously, I.HATE.PLANES.  Not a huge fan of flying over the ocean, for 16+ hours.  Please pray for God’s safekeeping for our entire family whilst traveling.  Should be interesting!

Q: When will you show us pictures of your adorable little girl?

A: First, yes she IS quite adorable; and secondly, we won’t be able to share any pictures of “Baby K” until our court date in India.  Sorry!

Adoption Update: Next Steps | Journey of Faith
proud Daddy 🙂

Congrats if you made it all the way through this beast of a post!  Again, feel free to ask any additional questions you might have, and just know that I may have to give you very little of an answer, to protect our daughter.   We appreciate you, friends and family!

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.  -Ephesians 3:20,21