Adoption Update: God’s Provision

Adoption Update: God's provision | Kurtz India adoption | Journey of Faith
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The theme that has run through every phase of our adoption journey thus far has been that ‘our God is the God who provides’.  We continue to see His faithful provision as the saga continues, this time in the area of finances.

Because we were matched much quicker with our daughter than many families, two large fees that are normally spaced out over the course of many months were due at the same time for us.  To our great delight, we learned yesterday that we have just enough to pay these substantial fees.  (So this means that we won’t need to raise quite as much money as we thought!  I will write an update on that as soon as we get more definitive numbers for travel expenses and such.)

As we’ve spent some time reflecting on our journey, we wanted to note two specific ways in which we’ve seen His provision most clearly:

– We only waited five months before being matched with our girl.  As stated above, many families wait up to two years or more for the referral of their child(ren).

– Paying for adoption is a huge expense and stress for many families.  We have not even begun our first official fundraiser, and yet we have been able to pay for a large portion of the overall expenses due to saving and the generosity of several people.

In these two things, we have clearly seen God’s hand in orchestrating events to do a great work for us: the work of making our daughter our own and bringing her home.

And in these ways and others, we have evidenced His grace.  There is no reason that we were matched more quickly with our daughter, other than to say that God’s grace gave us {her}. (Thank You, God!!!) There is no explanation as to why finances have not yet been a stressor for us, except to declare His grace in the matter.  We are not more special than another family, and we are certainly not more deserving.  We all just share in His grace in different ways.  These are the ways we’re aware of His grace in {our} story. And we are humbled.  We’re so humbled.  We’re bowed low before our great King, the God of all grace.  He is our God who provides!

And from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace. -John 1:16

How do you see God’s provision and grace being worked out in {your} life, and how has that impacted you?