Adoption Update: ByeBye, Paperwork

Adoption Update: ByeBye Paperwork | Journey of Faith | Kurtz India adoption

Last night, Tim and I spent nearly 2 and a half hours making copious amounts of copies of all of our adoption paperwork before sending it off to our agency.  It turned out to be kind of an emotional experience for both of us, and I’m sure the FedEx employee thought we were both crazy for being so excited to send off a bunch of papers!

This paperwork represents so much for our family, however.  For the past year, we have struggled through it all; and on Friday, staring at this stack of papers reminded me of three things:

1.  God has used the paperwork to shape me.

Seriously.  I am not one for phone calls, and yet there were many people I needed to contact to gather documents.  I am also not particularly fond of not really knowing what I’m doing, which is how I felt most of the time when ascertaining different parts of our dossier. But these things {had} to be done.  I’m a lot more comfortable on the phone now, and I’ve gotten pretty good at “going with the flow”/asking questions when I’m not entirely sure how to do something.   I’ve also noticed that I’m a little more organized now than I used to be.  Amazing how paperwork can shape a person.

Adoption Update: ByeBye Paperwork | Journey of Faith | Kurtz India adoption

2.  The paperwork signifies where we are in our adoption journey.

Tim and I thought we were embarking on this crazy adventure when we began the adoption process. With him just starting seminary at the time and cutting back on work hours, it seemed a little ridiculous to start such an expensive venture.  And yet, here we are.  We have our daughter’s picture in hand, and we can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel (when she will be in our arms).  God is doing a great work for our family, and we rejoice to see Him do it!  Can’t believe we’re already to this point in our journey.

3.  The paperwork represents the many people who have supported us through this process.

You.  You have been here with us, reading adoption updates and asking questions.  You’ve written reference letters for us, and you’ve been the doctors or legal staff who’ve filled out many forms for us.  You’ve mailed our paperwork to the appropriate places, and you’ve offered your prayers and monetary donations to support our family.  We are so thankful for you.  We would not be here without you.  Thank you.

So the paperwork has been sent off.  The waiting continues.  Thank you for partnering with us in this journey!

Adoption Update: ByeBye Paperwork | Journey of Faith | Kurtz India adoption
two tired but very excited parents!

2 thoughts on “Adoption Update: ByeBye, Paperwork

  1. Hi Deborah and Tim!
    I am so excited to read your posts! It brings back so many memories of our adoption experience!
    We are praying things are expedited so your family is enlarged as fast as possible! How awesome!!!!
    Love ya!


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