Reflections on Mother’s Day

I walked in the front door from a rainy morning jog, sopping wet, to find a surprise from my husband.  Streamers draped from the ceiling, and balloons, greeted me as I stood in the entryway.  I cried.  I hadn’t expected it, since I’m kind of a Mom but not quite yet.  It’s weird.  I was humbled by my husband’s love for me and for our daughter.  On a day that merely reminds us that she is not here yet, my husband remembered us.  He honored me.  I am so thankful for his kind heart.

He then led me through our house to one of the closets in a nearby room, where I found a beautiful dress and necklace waiting for me.  He led me to another room, where I found sandals to go with my new outfit.  It was perfect.  Humbling.  Beautiful.  Just what I needed.

Reflections on Mother's Day | Journey of Faith blog | Kurtz India adoption

Like the card that had come in the mail from a friend, reminding me that while so many people already love our girl so much, “God loves and has been loving her longer than you’ve known of her.” Humbling.  Beautiful.  Just what I needed.

And then there was the young boy who drew a picture for me for Mother’s Day.  No one had asked him to do that for me, and no one had even mentioned my name.  It was just on his heart to do it, and oh my, I can’t tell you how sweet it was to feel the love of Christ through this young one’s thoughtful gesture.  My daughter and I are remembered by many, most of all by God.  It’s humbling, beautiful, and just what I need.

Reflections on Mother's Day | Journey of Faith blog | Kurtz India adoption

And while it’s so easy to be thinking of only myself on this day (Lord, help me), my thoughts have been overwhelmingly focused on a little girl in India who probably has no idea that she has parents.  She had no one to draw a picture for on Mother’s Day, and she is surrounded by other children in the same situation.  Little ones with no mama to hold onto, no daddy to kiss them goodnight, no parents to care for and protect them.  I’m humbled to think that out of so many who need a home, God has chosen {one} particular girl for us.  He is so good.

I have also been mindful of many women who spent this day grieving what is not theirs.  While I am reminded that this just might be my final Mother’s Day without my daughter, others are mourning the loss of their child or the unfulfilled dream of having a little one.

And so, I have been reminded that my hope cannot ultimately be in my children or even in my family.  I may lose them, and even in having them, they cannot be everything I need.  Because I need a Savior.  My girl needs Him, and my husband does, too.  Everyone does.  He is our Hope.  He is who we need most of all.  Thank You, God, for the sure hope that is found in Jesus Christ.

I’m rejoicing this Mother’s Day for the child God is giving to us, and I’m looking ahead to the years to come.  Our family’s story points to the One who is doing great things in us for the sake of His praise among all peoples.  He is our hope!

For God alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation.  He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be greatly shaken.  -Psalm 62:1 & 2