What I Did Today

I thought of you today, as I do every day.

I wept for you, as I do often in my remembrances of you.

And I did the only thing that I know to do in a situation like this – I prayed to the God of hope, the God who saves, and the God who brings goodness out of the worst of circumstances.  He is the God who brings redemption where it seems there is none to be had.

Today, I prayed for you.  You, my loved one whom I feel I have lost.

Did you know that I frequently re-trace the days of old when I stumble upon younger pictures of you?

Pictures of a sweet, adventurous boy.

Pictures of all of us together, living in the bliss that innocent childhood days offer to many.  It is painful to see those images because I am forced to think of where you are now.

childhood days

The once young, vivacious child turned adult drug addict.

Where did it all go wrong, I wonder?  When?  How?  WHY?

When and where was it that you had your first taste of what you are now enslaved by?

How did it come to this?

Why are you believing the lies that drugs are your freedom?

Do you not see that they are destroying you and will do so until either you breathe your last breath or you are set free?

Do you not see what you are losing, what you have already lost?

A whole slew of loved ones who want nothing but good things for you.  Loved ones you are now estranged to because of your addiction.  Loved ones who are hurting because of what is enslaving you.

A bright future that will be cut off, should you continue down this road.

younger you

I saw a picture of a younger you, and I wanted so badly to wrap my arms around you and hug you.

I wanted nothing more than to return to those days, those much better and brighter days.  The days before you ended up in the mess of today.

I cried for the little boy who is now grown up and lost.  I wished so desperately that I could save you and set you free.

But I cannot.

Only He can.

And so today, as I thought of you and hurt for you, I prayed.

I prayed to the God who is able to do immeasurably more than anything I ask or imagine, to the praise of His grace in Jesus Christ.

I prayed to the God who is able to set you free, even you, from all that keeps you trapped in addiction.

I prayed to the God who loved us enough that He sent His one, beloved, sinless Son to put flesh on His perfection so that He could pay our ransom before the holy, just Judge and bring us into His family.

I prayed to Him, because I know He can save you.

I cannot save you, beloved.

But He can.

So today, I prayed.

I will not give up on you because of what God can do.

He can set you free.

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. -John 8:36