His Grace is Sufficient

Today, I wept for my child who is growing up in an orphanage and is unaware of the fact that she has parents who are anxiously awaiting her arrival home.

Since October, we have held our breaths in anticipation of the judge’s approval. It is the final step needed before we begin travel preparations.

I have fasted and prayed to the God of heaven and earth that He would speed up this process of adoption and bring our daughter home by May.

We are still waiting for news of the approval. It will be a miracle if we travel in May.

And I…I am angry. I am disgusted over the process that leaves orphans institutionalized for far too long while their parents wait for the process to work itself out. (Note: I am not angry at people, just @ the system.)

His Grace is Sufficient | Journey of Faith blogI stumbled upon Courtney Reissig’s twitter account just when I needed it the most. Her tweet caught me off guard and calmed my embittered heart:

Sometimes God answers prayer by removing our difficulty. Sometimes he answers by saying “my grace is sufficient for you.” Both are good.

I have questions about the coming months, and about our daughter. So. Many. Questions.

I know I can love a 4-year old, a 5-year old. I know, because I love my daughter. Can my heart attach to her as a 7- or 8-year old?

His grace is sufficient.

With each passing day, the wait feels unbearable. I feel like I cannot take it any longer. How long, O Lord?

His grace is sufficient.

While I prep her bedroom, fluff her pillows, and organize her stuffed animals; she has no idea of who I am. How long will she have to wait before she knows about her parents?

His grace is sufficient.

As I dream about the day that I will cradle her in my arms and hold her close to me while I sing her bedtime songs, she is sleeping in an orphanage with no such routine and with no Mama. How much longer, Lord?

His grace is sufficient.

His Grace is Sufficient | Journey of Faith blogSpringtime is one of my favorite times of the year. Flowers will bloom, trees will bud, the grass will be green again. Will we be on a plane then? Or will we still be waiting? I will not enjoy such fine weather if it is the latter. Can I take this any more?

His grace is sufficient for me.

I will continue to fast and pray. My tears will be my comfort, at times, as I long for my daughter. The questions will flow in and out of my mind as I go about the routine of my days.

And His grace will sustain me.

The day that He answers “Yes” to my pleas – hasten that day, God! – on that day, He will receive all the glory for what He is doing.

O Lord, let it be so.

When my soul was embittered, when I was pricked in heart, I was brutish and ignorant; I was like a beast toward you.

Nevertheless, I am continually with you; you hold my right hand…for me it is good to be near God; I have made the Lord God my refuge, that I may tell of all your works.

-Psalm 73:21, 22, 28


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  1. This post is exactly how my wife and I have been feeling lately. Exactly how we have been feeling. We were told in beginning of November we could be traveling in January. January has now passed and we are still stateside waiting to travel. No new news on the court date or issuing of her passport. We are hoping maybe next month but don’t want to get our hopes up again. His grace is sufficient. Anyways just wanted to say thank you for this post and that it is sooooo exciting that you have your travel date! (I noticed that you tagged this post India Adoption. We are adopting from India…Are you guys adopting from India?!)


    1. We are!!! We heard that our case passed in court last week and are just waiting to receive our court date so we can book our flight! Hoping to travel by May, but we do still have to wait on our daughter’s passport as well. I am so sorry that your wait has been longer than anticipated. So, so incredibly difficult. Keeping your family in my prayers! (His grace is, indeed, sufficient)

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