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Initial Travel Preparations | Journey of Faith blog
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I am one emotional bundle of excitement right now! Today, we received the first email from our travel coordinator at our adoption agency. It included pertinent information regarding our next steps as we prepare for India, a sample itinerary of what our time over there will look like, a list of documents we’ll need while over there, and more.

I want to remember these moments leading up to meeting our daughter. I don’t want to forget how I felt during this exciting time. I can’t wait to tell Baby S all about this journey that led her into our family forever!

To help me NOT forget (which happens more easily than I care to admit), I will occasionally write about subsequent situations we find ourselves in; along with our thoughts and feelings in each moment. Consider it an extended “labor” story, if you will. 🙂

Situation: we received the first email from our travel coordinator. Included in it was a travel preparation packet detailing the next steps we need to take to prepare for India.

Feeling: EXCITED!!!!!!!!! Ecstatic!!!!!!!! Anxious to meet my daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thinking: This is really happening. This is really my life, and {this} girl is really my girl, and we are really going to fly to India to finalize her adoption and bring her home. EEK!!!!

Fearing: Plane ride to India. I hate planes. This is the moment I have been dreading since January 2014. Praying I feel differently once we are actually on the flight. I’m also afraid that we will forget a document that is needed to finish the adoption process and our daughter’s travel preparations while in India. Just got a HUGE list of papers to take with us there, and I PRAY that we don’t forget anything!

Praying: See above. Also, we are praying that our daughter’s passport is processed smoothly and QUICKLY. This will allow us to travel sooner rather than later. We would, of course, prefer to travel ASAP. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Daddy’s thoughts: I feel conflicting emotions a lot.  Sometimes throughout the day something will happen that will make me consider how close we are to having our daughter home, and I feel really excited!  I get happy when I think about how great it will be to finally meet her and to be able to hold her and kiss her.  I also really like to think about finally being able to do everything with her like camping out  in the back yard, taking her on car rides, snuggling while watching movies, or going on vacation.  I am really looking forward to that! 

I really want to imagine a very happy life and lots of fun with our daughter as a family.  I want to picture us living life together, loving each other and enjoying being together.  But at the same time I don’t want to dwell on that image for too long because I remember that our daughter will be going through an enormous transition, and she will be experiencing a lot of loss and hurt and pain and confusion.  I imagine there will be lots of sadness and tears.  And I am afraid that she may not love us and she may not want us to hold her and kiss her.

And then the traveling thoughts…I am anxious about the remaining paperwork and all the stuff that remains for us to do to be able to go pick her up!  Paperwork is hard and confusing for me; thankfully Deborah does it all!!  But I still feel afraid and nervous that we may not know how to do something, or we may do it wrong.  And I am scared to travel to another country because I have never done that before.  Airports can be a little intimidating to me so I am afraid of going through international airports.  And I am scared that I won’t know what to do in India.  I won’t know where anything is or how to get anywhere.  And I am afraid of traveling while in India because I have heard the roads and traffic are pretty insane!  So it is scary for me.  But on the other hand, it may be the only time that we have the opportunity to go to India, so I feel pressure that we should make the most of this opportunity!  Not sure!

So basically, I am a ball of fear/excitement/anxiety.  I am so very thankful that some friends are throwing us a prayer and book shower; prayer is what we need the most!  

I also feel most comforted when I remember that God has chosen this one girl specifically for us.  She is our daughter.  Regardless of what the experience may be like, God is sovereign and he is good.  He loves us and he loves her more than anything!  I can rest in his loving care.

I loved hearing my husband’s current thoughts and feelings as we glimpse the end of this adoption finalization. (Then the journey will really begin!)

He worded it well. Despite our mix of emotions, questions and fears; we know without a doubt that this girl is our girl, by God’s design. We are so thankful! So, so, so, so…SO thankful.

The depths are what make the heights so beautiful. -Kara Tippetts


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