Court Order and Visa Applications

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Court Order and Visa Applications | Journey of Faith blog

Situation: On Wednesday, February 24, it snowed. And in late afternoon, our adoption coordinator notified us that we received our court order from India! A flurry of excitement ensued for yours truly and her husband. πŸ™‚

Having the court order means that our daughter’s passport is now being processed, our travel coordinator can apply for the Article 23 from CARA (a legal document we need to take with us to India), and we need to hurry and apply for our visas. We couldn’t apply any earlier than this week, since Tim had to send in his passport for an update. Below are some of our initial thoughts upon this next step.

Feeling: Excited!! Nervous!! Overwhelmed!! I am scared to fill out our visa applications. I know, I know, it’s easy-peasy right? Well, not for us. We read way too much into the questions and over-analyze our answers. I am ready to just have our forms in the mail and out of the way! It will be a joyous day when we have visas in hand.

Thinking: A TON of questions- What did my daughter think the first time she saw our picture? Is she excited for us? When will I no longer be afraid of filling out paperwork? (SERIOUSLY.) Who will we meet on our flight to India? What will Baby S think of the flight home? Is she excited for us? (I wonder frequently.)

Fearing: the visa applications. Never done it before, never wanna do it again. Hate it, don’t wanna do it. What if I enter incorrect information? What if I forget one of the documents we need to send in with it?

Praying: Our prayers are with our daughter, that she will be ready for us. We’re praying for a smooth and speedy process with her passport, the remaining documents we need before we can travel, and of course, for our visas. We are praying for safety as we travel to and from India with our baby. Our first baby.Β 

Daddy’s Thoughts: (On the court order) I am very, very excited because for the first time I feel like we are SO close. I am VERY EXCITED to meet my daughter now! (On applying for our visas) I’m stressed about our visas because it’s confusing and I’m not sure what to do. Thankful that my wife and I are doing this TOGETHER.

Daddy’s Prayers: I’m praying for our final paperwork, as well as our daughter’s passport, to be finished quickly and smoothly!

I am so very excited right now, and I’m looking forward to going to India. Most of all, I’m very excited to meet our little girl and begin gettingΒ to know her. So overall, I’m just excited and happy now. πŸ™‚

Soon, our baby girl will be home. Soon.
Β Court Order and Visa Applications | Journey of Faith blog

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