Meeting Sujata

My husband and I had the great privilege of traveling to India last month to meet our daughter and bring her home! Welcome to the final installment in this long story of the journey to get our girl. Below are some of my thoughts about meeting my daughter…

I remember walking with my husband in a rose garden near our hotel that morning.

Meeting Sujata | Journey of Faith blog

I remember not feeling many emotions. In the roller coaster ride of our adoption journey over the past 2+ years, I’ve learned that I tend to freeze up in the midst of big, life-changing events; and that is OK. On the day of meeting my 6 year old child, I was not expecting to feel any differently. I felt calm and ready.

The director of the orphanage picked my husband, myself and our guide up that day, and I remember sitting quietly near her during the drive. I wondered what she thought of me. I wondered what kind of memories she had made with my daughter.

Our time at the orphanage felt surreal. I couldn’t believe I was mere FEET away from my little girl. I couldn’t believe this was my story, and I felt so grateful that God was doing something I could never have made possible in a million years. He was making me a mom to an Indian child.

After a short visit with the director and then our daughter’s caretaker, we stepped out of the office to make our way to where our daughter was playing. Through the glass doors in front of us, we could see all the children standing together. In the middle of the group of littles, there stood our daughter with a beaming smile on her face. Hand in the air, waving to us. We waved back and couldn’t believe how ready she seemed to be to meet us.

I laughed through my tears as I walked up to her and held her in my arms. I will never forget those first moments that welcomed me into the world of mommyhood.

meeting S momma

We were able to spend time with all of our daughter’s friends, and after a little while, my daughter took my hand and definitively said, “Chalo”. Let’s go. This little girl was more than ready to leave with us! We have since wondered to ourselves who did such an excellent job in preparing our girl for us. We are so grateful.

Meeting Sujata | Journey of Faith blog

Her name is Sujata, and she is a spunky 6 year old! She likes to eat Cheetos, ice cream, rice and not much else (but is motivated by the prospect of M&M’s); and she has an intense curiosity to explore the world around her. This means pushing buttons all the time. Literally. If S sees a button, she will push it to see what it does. She also loves drawing and doing art projects, “going” to school with Momma, walking our puppies, “dancing” with the cats (who are now excellent at hiding themselves from a certain individual), and dressing up all nice and fancy-like.  🙂 A bundle of energy, S is always on-the-go and ready to learn the next activity, from jumping rope to roller skating. She learns quickly and has an amazing memory!

I’m still a bit shell-shocked that this journey that started on a Sunday morning in late November 2013 has now come full circle with the arrival of our daughter, Sujata. I would not trade our story for anything, even in the midst of such loss. I have much more to write about both the gains AND losses in adoption for children and their parents, but am still processing the changes over the past month and want to be careful about what I share (for the sake of a sweet, little 6 year old girl who has captured our hearts).

We are eternally grateful to God for His plans for our family. Welcome home, Sujata!

Meeting Sujata | Journey of Faith blog

 I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
    where does my help come from?

My help comes from the Lord,
    the Maker of heaven and earth.

-Psalm 121:1 & 2