Surprise Baby Shower

Journey of Faith blog | Surprise Baby ShowerI didn’t tell you about the night my friends surprised me with a baby shower. It was one of the most beautiful evenings my husband and I have ever had, and we will never forget this kindness from such thoughtful and generous loved ones.

Since Tim was privy to what my friends were doing for our family, he helped by keeping me out of the house for a while. And since we’d been pretty busy as of late and he was about to leave town for a trip, I didn’t think anything of his request to take me on a date on a Sunday afternoon. We decided to go to our favorite stomping grounds (Purdue campus) and enjoyed some frisbee golf before having a nice dinner together.

I thought the fun was over, but when we arrived home, I noticed a beautiful display that had somehow mysteriously appeared in our kitchen. Tim told me later that I had asked him repeatedly, “What is this? What IS THIS?” as I was walking into the kitchen.  My mind really couldn’t comprehend what was happening, so it froze, I think. 🙂

(I am paranoid about sharing photos of our daughter, so I am leaving the original image of how the decor looked out of this post since it includes her photo. Thanks for your understanding!)

Journey of Faith blog | Surprise Baby ShowerJourney of Faith blog | Surprise Baby Shower

My friends walked into the living room when I didn’t notice and gave me quite the scare!  I quickly went from startled to joyous, though, at the thought of my sweet friends doing such a beautiful thing for me.  They have known me since childhood, and they have been with us through every step of this adoption journey; so the night felt extra special because of our history together.

Journey of Faith blog | Surprise Baby Shower

And then I became teary-eyed when they told me that the present I was about to open had cards in it from loved ones ALL OVER THE U.S.  Cards of love, encouragement and support just for us. We were so overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity, and we also didn’t mind opening the letters to find Target gift cards, neitha’. 🙂

Journey of Faith blog | Surprise Baby ShowerJourney of Faith blog | Surprise Baby ShowerJourney of Faith blog | Surprise Baby ShowerJourney of Faith blog | Surprise Baby Shower

To add to the surprise, one of my friends’ dad had come over while we were gone to set up Baby S’s bed frame (which was custom-made) for us!  It felt SO GOOD to see her bed in her room and was the perfect ending to a perfect evening.

us baby shower bedMy husband and I reflect on this night often and thank God continually for this wonderful group of people He’s given to us.  We are in another waiting phase of our adoption as we near travel time to meet our daughter, and it has encouraged us greatly to know there are many who are waiting with us and praying for our family.

We’ve already put some of the gift cards to good use, purchasing the final pieces of furniture for Baby S’s room as well as several educational toys and books. (We still have gift cards, too, that we’re holding onto for clothing needs for our girl.)  When I stand in her room and look around – which is often – I just SEE. LOVE. And I {love} that about my daughter’s room. She will be enveloped in it, not just from us, but also from family and friends. And my prayer is that someday, she will know that the Source of that love comes from the One who loves her most of all.

baby shower furniture.jpg

So, thank you, my dear and precious friends. For your thoughtfulness. For your prayers and support. For your encouragement as we wait.  Soon, Baby S will be here and we will finally be able to meet this precious little girl we have been preparing and waiting for all this time.

May you always know, my little one: you were wished for, longed for, prayed for and wanted. -Kristen Creech


Adoption Update: Big News!

And just like that… WE ARE PARENTS!!!

Adoption update: We have a Daughter!

It was the day before Valentine’s Day that we received the news, so we will always tell her that she is our Valentine’s baby.  It was on that day that we were introduced to our daughter.

Two weeks prior, late at night, the email came.  And by late, I mean that we were in bed at 8:30, per Tim’s early morning work schedule.  He was just about to turn the lights out when he paused as he checked an incoming email.  I was afraid a family member was in trouble, or someone had died.  That’s me, jumping to worst-case scenarios when I don’t know what’s up.  My husband looked at me, and smiled. (Phew, nothing bad!)  It was an email from our family coordinator at America World, informing us of the high probability that we would be matched with a little girl.  Let’s call her “Baby K”.  “I know you had hoped for a sibling set, but please pray about this little girl,” wrote our coordinator.  We had been told about “Baby K” a few weeks prior over a phone call regarding our status on the CARA database, but we hadn’t expected a referral so soon.  “Alright, we’ll pray and talk about possibly bringing “Baby K” home if we get matched with her, but let’s not tell anyone, K?”  That was the agreement we’d made before turning in for the night…  And then I texted my sister the news, asking for prayer. We phoned our parents the next day asking for prayer.  Tim called his sister.   I emailed two of my closest friends.  Everyone in this small circle was told the joyous news: “We might be receiving a referral for a little girl.  She might be the one.”

Adoption Update: we have a Daughter

Two weeks passed as we waited for a referral.  We prayed, got excited at the possibility that this was our daughter, prayed some more, and then began to feel deflated when no referral came.  It seemed like an eternity, just waiting for news, and I remember driving to work on Friday the 13th wondering if this would work out like we’d hoped.  “God, You’re in control.  God, I trust You.  God, please help us to cling to You even if this girl is not ours.  Help us to put our hope in You; our hope is in You.”  Relinquishing my desires to our Faithful God, I struggled to not be more than a little disappointed as I began work that day.

My phone rang just as lunchtime rolled around.  It was our coordinator calling to let us know, “You’ve received the referral for “Baby K”.”

Adoption Update: we have a Daughter

At this point, I can safely tell you that this entire experience has been different than we ever imagined it would be.  Instead of sobbing buckets of tears when we saw her picture (which, rather, come at random and obnoxiously awkward moments for me when I think of my daughter, like when I’m sitting at my office desk and the tears just well up at thoughts of her…or when I’m walking through grocery store aisles and I get misty-eyed thinking about having her with me), we just looked at her and thought, “Oh, yes.  There you are, baby girl.”  There has been nothing but immense joy and excitement over our daughter, and a little bit of shell-shock that leaves us numb with emotion.  I remember Tim telling me, “I feel nothing but a huge sense of contentment right now.  My heart is full.”  Indeed, this is us right now: a couple of shell-shocked, joy-filled parents.  We have a daughter!!!!!!!

Adoption Update: We Have a Daughter

Adoption Update: We Have a Daughter

Thinking back on our adoption journey, the theme that has run through every part of our story is that ‘our God is the God who provides.’  At just the right time, He allowed me to earn more money through a promotion at work.  At just the right time, He gave us the grace to get through our home study with virtually no hiccups.  At just the right time, He placed it on people’s hearts to financially support our adoption (which we pray will continue, to cover large program and travel fees!!!).  At just the right time, He placed us on the CARA database.  At just the right time, He opened up our hearts to joyfully consider bringing home one daughter instead of two.  And at just the right time, He gave us our little girl.  

Adoption update: We have a Daughter!

Yes, our God is the God who provides!  We are praising Him today for our “Baby K”, who is our precious gift from Him!  (We can’t wait to meet you, baby girl.  CAN.NOT.WAIT.)

P.S. I will be writing a follow-up post ASAP with more specific details regarding how much longer we have to wait before bringing home “Baby K”, our financial needs for the remainder of the process, the fundraiser that never happened but hopefully will this year, and any news we can pass on about our beautiful little girl!  Stay tuned!

Adoption Announcement Photos

Shortly after we decided to pursue adoption, Tim and I asked one of our dear friends, Angela, to have a mini-photoshoot with us.  I particularly love photos, and we wanted a way of documenting this next big adventure in our lives.  We hadn’t expected the snow and freezing temperatures, but Angela braved the cold for us (I’m pretty sure she’ll receive a special crown in heaven for this!). How fun will it be to sit down with our children someday and show them what joy they brought to us even before we were united as a family?!

If you are a photographer, and an adoptive couple approaches you with this request, please consider giving them this gift.  Tim and I have had a few minor delays in the adoption process already, and we’re at the very beginning of this journey.  What encouragement have these photos provided me when I look through them and remember the joy?! Yes, photos make for beautiful gifts.

Here, then, are a few of our favorites!

Kurtz Family Adoption

This is one of my favorites!

Kurtz Family Adoption

Every photoshoot should have at least one cheesy pose!

Kurtz Family Adoption

another one of my favorites (look at those cute shoes!)

Kurtz Family Adoption

Saved the best for last. We are so excited!

Kurtz Family Adoption